Character Development for Magicians by Woody Pittman


• 32-page full-color Character Development for Magicians booklet
• 40-minute DVD
• 12 chapters on comedy magic and developing an original persona
• Insights on comedy clubs, trick selection, scripting, and audience handling
• DVD with full-length Magic Castle show, demo reel, and silent movies

This brief but incredible book is a MUST-READ for EVERY working performer. Comedy club veteran Woody Pittman explores the crucial inside topic of how to develop and deepen your own character and persona as a magician. A concise but wonderful book!

The 40-minute DVD includes one of Woody’s full-length performances at the Magic Castle, plus his demo reel and five charming silent films featuring his sweet stage character.

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Woody Pittman’s book and DVD will help you better understand your own character and make your performance even more uniquely YOU!

Introduction Woody Pittman
1. Why I Like Magic
2. Is That Your Real Voice?
3. Getting There is Half the Fun
4. Now What?
5. Wanna See Somethin’?
6. Shotgun Weddings
7. The Mystery of the Floating Silver Ball
8. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
9. You Mean That Wasn’t in the Patter?
10. Pick Me! Pick Me!
11. Watson, Get in Here!
12. Almost There

Woody’s DVD
Il Marriege Proposàl
Sock Monkey
Shuffleboard King
Blood Day

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