Exploring the Zone by Max Maven booklet and gimmicks


Now includes the two custom-made gimmicks!

16 large-format pages packed with information

Full-color illustrations

Max Maven’s advice for book tests and process mentalism

Complete explanation of The Da Vinci Zone

Bonus effects and routines

Exploring the Zone began as master mentalist Max Maven’s simple instruction manual for The Da Vinci Zone, Todd Karr’s clever mindreading effect using an unprepared copy of The Da Vinci Code, but as usual Max added a great deal of insight that taught readers about all sorts of book tests.


Maven examines audience handling, page selection, the dramatic use of concepts versus words, page number choices, guiding the spectator to key words, Max’s views on process mentalism, progressive revelation, ambiguous fishing, handling misses, statement timing, focusing devices, and many more wise viewpoints.


Max also includes thoughts on a conceptual book test approach, how to handle lackluster word choices, and various types of forces for books, including how to use The Da Vinci Code as a force book.


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