Annemann’s Enigma


720 pp.
Hardbound in cloth with foil stamping
Smyth-sewn, acid-free paper
Beautiful dust jacket
Bonus CD of The Jinx

Annemann’s Enigma combines hundreds of archival photographs and artifacts with the entire body of writings of the legendary Theodore Annemann (1907-1942), including all his books, articles, and manuscripts. You’ll read a new biography examining unknown moments of the great mentalist’s life, along with rare photos never before seen.

The accompanying CD includes 932 searchable pages with every issue of the The Jinx, plus a movie clip of Annemann’s 1938 Bullet Catch, the six installments of his scarce 1935-6 magazine The Sign of Exceptional Magic, three variant Jinx issues, and our index to each issue in the PDF.

Compiled by Todd Karr, with a stellar introduction by Annemann expert Max Maven and opening essay by the legendary Steranko.

See below for a full list of the book’s contents.

NOTE: The deluxe leather editions, limited to 100 copies, are now sold out.



“The hallmark of a great book is that it grows with you. It’s always there to guide and teach you. You’re continually learning from its pages. And while Theodore Annemann has been dead almost eighty years, he’s
still here talking to us about magic. Unquestionably, Annemann’s Enigma is an aggregate of all his important work condensed down into a single volume. Plus, all the historical research helps paint a picture of a
brilliant, yet afflicted artist. There’s no better way to study the genius of Annemann than right here.” – Lee Asher

“A comprehensive portrait of a man whose influence has been so far-reaching. I love the level of detail – from Annemann’s advertising copy to the personal letters and appearances in mainstream publications, to the family photos of him as a child. It’s wonderful to get a sense of the whole picture of this enigmatic figure. Reading the biography brings the ghost to life, making him human and heartbreakingly fallible. And the book itself is beautiful. Sharply designed, engrossing, rich with detail, a real collector’s item.” – Colin Gedes, producer, Ultra 8 Pictures

Read the Little Egypt Gazette review: “The usual classy Miracle Factory format. A massive hardback collection of Annemann’s biography along with virtually all his writings…”

“A historically significant work. With introductory essays by Max Maven and legendary Marvel Comics illustrator Steranko (also a magician!), this book is a must for any serious student of magic and mentalism. Congratulations to Todd Karr and his Miracle Factory for creating another book that will sell out fast.” – Michael Mode

“Amazing and beautiful book. There is no other book out there that covers so much of Ted and his work.” – London Ervin

Annemann’s Enigma is the most amazing Annemann collection ever published.

Introduction by Max Maven
Opening essay by Steranko

Includes a 936-page bonus CD with a searchable PDF file of The Jinx (You can transfer it to any device.)

The full text of 12 Annemann books, including Annemann’s Card Miracles, Annemann’s Mental Mysteries, The Book Without a Name, 101 Methods of Forcing, 202 Methods of Forcing, Climax Card Routine, Sh-h-h–! It’s a Secret, Complete One-Man Mental Psychic Routine, Strange Secrets, Mental Bargain Effects, En Rapport, and all five Jinx Programs, plus his famous Fifty Dollar Manuscript.

600 illustrations
Gorgeous color photos
12 Annemann books
Legendary manuscripts
Over 200 effects
50 magazine pieces
Rare Annemann photos and memorabilia
Over two dozen letters by Annemann
Annemann bibliography
Complete index


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