Annemann’s Enigma


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“A historically significant work. With introductory essays by Max Maven and legendary Marvel Comics illustrator Steranko (also a magician!), this book is a must for any serious student of magic and mentalism. Congratulations to Todd Karr and his Miracle Factory for creating another book that will sell out fast.” – Michael Mode

“Amazing and beautiful book. There is no other book out there that covers so much of Ted and his work.” – London Ervin

Annemann’s Enigma is the most amazing Annemann collection ever published.

Introduction by Max Maven
Opening essay by Steranko

Includes a 936-page bonus CD with a searchable PDF file of The Jinx (You can transfer it to any device.)

The full text of 12 Annemann books, including Annemann’s Card Miracles, Annemann’s Mental Mysteries, The Book Without a Name, 101 Methods of Forcing, 202 Methods of Forcing, Climax Card Routine, Sh-h-h–! It’s a Secret, Complete One-Man Mental Psychic Routine, Strange Secrets, Mental Bargain Effects, En Rapport, and all five Jinx Programs, plus his famous Fifty Dollar Manuscript.

600 illustrations
Gorgeous color photos
12 Annemann books
Legendary manuscripts
Over 200 effects
50 magazine pieces
Rare Annemann photos and memorabilia
Over two dozen letters by Annemann
Annemann bibliography
Complete index

720 pp.
Hardbound in cloth with foil stamping
Smyth-sewn, acid-free paper
Beautiful dust jacket
Bonus CD of The Jinx

Annemann’s Enigma combines hundreds of archival photographs and artifacts with the entire body of writings of the legendary Theodore Annemann (1907-1942), including all his books, articles, and manuscripts. You’ll read a new biography examining unknown moments of the great mentalist’s life, along with rare photos never before seen.

The accompanying CD includes 932 searchable pages with every issue of the The Jinx, plus a movie clip of Annemann’s 1938 Bullet Catch, the six installments of his scarce 1935-6 magazine The Sign of Exceptional Magic, three variant Jinx issues, and our index to each issue in the PDF.

Compiled by Todd Karr, with a stellar introduction by Annemann expert Max Maven and opening essay by the legendary Steranko.

See below for a full list of the book’s contents.

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Preface Todd Karr

Introduction Max Maven

Foreword Steranko

Annemann: An Enigma Todd Karr



The X-Ray Act
An Additional Effect of the X-Ray Eyes
Argamasilla’s Super-Vision (?)
Emerson, Master Mystic
A Sealed Letter Test with Cards
A Different Color Change
A Mind-Reading Mystery
Improvement on “Secret of the Swami”
A Si Stebbins Kink
The Devil’s Four Aces
Another Four Ace Maneuvre
An Original Tray Vanish

The Ghost Card
The Better Yet Box, Rod, and Rings Challenge
A New (?) Reverse Card Trick
A P & L Four Ace Suggestion
A Club or Stage Mental Number
A New Slate Writing Wrinkle
A Subtle Poker Stunt
To Satisfy an Argument
The Cigarette and Dollar Bill Again
The East Indian Needle Feat
Three Card Monte Outdone
Attention, Mentalists!
My Original Swami Test
A Mediumistic Stunt
The Master Mind
An Idea

Mentalex (?)
The Simplified Telephone Mystery
Letter on Ballot Box
Improvement 8000
My Doll Production
Wanted – For a New Effect
The Supreme Book Test
A Good Coin Vanish

A Couple Card Wrinkles

A Little Article Regarding “Copped” Material
No Title at All
A Radio Publicity Feat
Let’s Be Different
Annemann’s Book Test

A Monster Master Mysterious Mystery
A Single Sitting Billet-Reading and Slate Test
Just Think of a Card

Slate Writing Par Excellence

The Annemann Torn Card Method
The Passe-Passe Cards
New Marvelous Two-Card Slate Prophesy

A Dead Name Duplication
Ne Plus Ultra Reading Method

Number, Please (second version) (1933)


Annemann’s Challenge Mind Test (1926)
Getit (1928)
Answerit (1928)
33¢ Think of a Card (1928)
Nightmare Effects (1928)
Diabolo Pellet Reading (1928)
44 Cent Mystery Card Reading Method (1928)
55 Cent Card Memory (1928)
Psychic Writing (1928)
The Master’s Touch (1929)
Annemann’s Mental Masterpiece (1929)
30th Century Television (1929) Hewitt
The Modern Mind Reader (1929) Hewitt
Fourth Dimensional Telepathy (1930)
Eyes of the Unknown (1930) Greta Annemann
The Modern Mindreader (1930) Hewitt
Coincidence? (1930) Hewitt
Penetrating Vision (1930) J. G. Thompson
Remote Control (1931)
The Test of the Tiber (1931)
Card and Pocket Miracle (1932)
The New Double Telepathy Routine (1933)
A Matter of Policy (1935)


Master Subtleties with Cards (ca. 1928)
Annemann’s Single Card Location
Annemann’s Cut Pack Card Location
Annemann’s Ne Plus Ultra Card Location
Annemann’s Five-Card Thought Trick
Annemann’s Five-Card Stab Trick
Annemann’s One Way Set-Up
Annemann’s One to Ten Detection
Annemann’s Pair Detection
Annemann’s Audience Location
Annemann’s Alternate Detection
Another Card Discovery
Red and Black
Odd and Even
Improvement on the Pair Detection
Another Presentation of the Alternate Detection
Another Reverse Move
Faces or Backs, Which?
Different Reversible Backs

Exclusive Secrets of Annemann’s Conception a.k.a. “The Fifty Dollar Manuscript” (ca. 1930)
Anneman’s Stop Trick
Another Stop Card Effect
Cards in the Cases
Anneman’s Four Ace Routine
The Thought Mystery Card
With Back Towards Spectator
Anneman’s Own Pellet Trick
Red and Blue Decks
Color-Changing Deck
You Took the Selected Card
The New Spelling Card Trick
A Deck of Cards and Two Envelopes

Individual Effect Manuscripts
Color-Changing Back
A Mulholland and Annemann Pet
Original Sympathy Effect
The Red and Blue Back Color Change
Annemann’s Two-Card Transposition
Wire Release


Annemann’s Card Miracles (1929)
Editor’s Introduction
The Five-Card Stabbing Mystery
The Eye-Popper Card Feat
Poker Player’s Dream
The “You Spell It Yourself” Feat
A Day-Time Nightmare

Annemann’s Mental Miracles (1929)
The Premier Book Test
The Mentalist’s Card Staggerer
The Psychic Writing
Instantaneous Card Memory
Phantasma: A Mental Card Feat
Addenda: Traveling Thought Card Trick (date unknown, original of Phatasma)

The Book Without a Name (1931)
Introduction Al Baker
The “Really New” Locator Card
An Original Set-Up Discovery
One in Fourteen
A New Thought-Card Spelling Effect
Whichever You Please
Count Your Card!
Telepathy in the Audience
The Red and Blue Back Mixup
The Gambler is Person
The Gambler is Back Again
Psychic Sympathy
The Four Pile Location
The Genii Cut-Deck Location
The Mystery Card Reading Method
A New Apparatus for the Pellet Switch
Find the Lady
The Improved Magic Square Presentation
The One-Man “Genuine” Magazine Test
Mental Coloring: Telepathy in Silk Stuart Robson
The Color-Tell Billiard Balls
Seeing in the Dark
Seven Keys to Baldpate
A Prophecy of the Koran
Jimmy Valentine Opens a Safe

101 Methods of Forcing (1932)

Strange Secrets (1932-3)
1. Insto-Transpo!
2. “Stop”
3. The Dollar Cigarette Challenge
4. Remote Control Improved
5. and 6. The Accessory
5. Mental Dollars
6. Number, Please (first version)
7. Sensitive Thoughts
8. The Card Doctor
9. Slates and Aces
11. Poker Plus
12. Thought, In Person
14. A Mental Headache

202 Methods of Forcing (1933)
Second Introduction

Climax Card Routine (1933)
The Principle
The Magical Application
A Card Location
Top and Bottom Location
Before Starting
The Half-Moon Location
Location Plus
The Improved Version of “Everybody’s Choice”
A Snappy Finish
The Stage Location
The Master Card Speller
The Mystic Cut
Counting by Eye
Odd or Even
To Slick Cards Up After Wearing Off
Re-Slicking Cards

Sh-h-h-h! It’s a Secret! (1934)
Introduction as Usual
Call Me Up Sometime
The Borrowed Deck Tragedy
Help Wanted in the Dark
A Thought is Fathomed
Your Nose Knows
A Rule of the Thumb
A Handkerchief is Selected E. Leslie May
A Card is Found Once More
Odd or Even, Which?
The Alternate Detection
A New Kink for the Reversing of One Card
Annemann’s Eight-in-a-Row Location
Red or Black?
The Challenge of the Year
The Mind in Retrospect
The Five-Card Thought Effect
The Guessing Contest
The Two-Person Location
A Couple of Cards Get Together
The New Deal Card Code
The Perfect Club Slate Routine
Fair and Square
Dual Sympathy
Another Sympathetic Mystery
Triplets by Chance
The Last of the “Think Stop” Tricks
Your Card
The Tune Detective
The Mindreader’s Dream
Music in the Air
A Quaint Happening
The Prophecy of Occurence
The 203rd Force Henry Christ
Nickels on the Brain
Despair of the Devil
The Lady and the Gentleman
The Bell Mystery
Three Cards, Three Numbers
The $1000 Test Card Location
Dead Men Tell No Tales!

Annemann’s Complete One-Man Mental and Psychic Routine (1935)
Billet Switching
Magic vs. Mindreading
The Telephone Drama
The Dead Name Test
The New Nile Divination
Book Mentalism
Telepathy Plus
Addenda: Author’s Note
The Master Mind
The Act
Author’s Note Again
The Mirror Reflector
A Living and Dead Combination
The Sealed Envelope Dodge
The Spirit Pencil
Advance Information
Pencil Reading

Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects (1935)
The Impromptu Mind Reader

En Rapport (1937)

The Jinx Programs (1938)
Jinx Program No. 1: A Club Act of Magic
Jinx Program No. 2: A Mental Club Act
Jinx Program No. 3: A Magical Club Program
Jinx Program No. 4: A No-Card Mystery Act
Jinx Program No. 5: “No Code” Telepathy

Other Books
A Newspaper Office Stunt
The Short Card
Introduction to Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
The Ambitious Card

Mind Over Money
Mind Over Money
The Window Washer’s Dream
Ted Annemann’s Favorite Location
Quickie: A Clever “Set-up” Effect
It Goes Double
Aces at Random
New Deck Speller
Any Deck One-Way
One-Way Mark Located
Nail Writer Techniques
A Couple of Numbers
More About Ted
Turnover Card
Card on the Ceiling
A Sheet of Glass
Two-Pellet Routine with One Person
Duplicated Name
Needle Variation





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