The Secret Lexicon Book Test by Todd Karr


A Versatile Force Dictionary. A Professional Book Test.
A powerful tool for every magician and mentalist

“A versatile and powerful tool.” – Brad Henderson, Genii
“Todd Karr has created a masterpiece! We can’t wait to put it into our show!” – The Evasons
“I’m blown away by the versatility. Get one now…they won’t last long!” – Paul Vigil

The Secret Lexicon looks like an elegant 848-page leather-bound dictionary, but ANYWHERE the spectator opens it, you can INSTANTLY divine words on that page, as well as images throughout the book.

Limited to 500 numbered copies
848 pages, hardbound, Smyth-sewn on satin-finish paper
Compact enough for a briefcase (81/2 x 51/2 inches)
Luxurious leather binding with foil stamping
Gorgeous gilded edges
Ribbon bookmark and deluxe endpapers
4-page full-color section for additional effects
40 illustration pages
Optional dustjacket included for a more everyday look

The versatile Secret Lexicon has multiple strong effects built in. We give you TEN QUICK-START READINGS to get rolling, such as:
1. Instant Book Test: Have someone open the dictionary to any page. Ask him to concentrate on, say, the top corner word. You IMMEDIATELY divine the word with a visually vivid reading. On the same two-page spread, you can also divine SEVERAL OTHER SPECIFIC WORDS in various locations.
2. Foolproof Word Prediction: Write down a word or sketch a picture. The spectator opens the dictionary anywhere. He looks at the word at a specific location, and it matches your prophesy. No fishing, no guessing
No anagrams, no misses
No need to know page numbers
No counting to words
No extra props required
Easy-to-learn system
Every page is unique
Spectator holds in his own hands
Words maintain alphabetical order
All key words have actual definitions
Several methods for versatile routining
Page numbers can optionally act as cues
All key words are visually interesting
Themed words let you adjust for any audience
Each section has different known key words
Routines and mnemonic techniques included
Check out these ingenious features:
Peek Cues: Each lower outer corner has a subtle cue for the opposite page guide word, as well as other specific words on each page.
Quick Picture Vision: Every spread has an image you’ll know instantly. Force Artwork: 240 images on 40 pages, all chosen for readings.
Full-Color Pages: A 4-page color section with sneakily selected images.
Page Number Option: You don’t need to know the page number for any of our routines, but if you wish, the page numbers can secretly tell you specific words. (The words in each spread can also can tell you what page you’re on.)
Convertible Look: Take off the dustjacket to show off the leather cover and gilt edges for unmatched elegance, or leave it on for more casual shows.
Cue-Sheet Jacket: We’ve hidden lists of keywords in the jacket for use as a cue sheet or quick refresher.
Foolproof Spelling: If you like to call out a word’s letters one by one, you’ll know specific words without any scrambled anagrams or guessing. You’ll never miss, and you can announce spelling in sequential order.
Shakespeare Compatibility: If you own our Shakespeare Experiment book test, we’ve built some of its language features into The Secret Lexicon for mind-blowing combination effects. (Don’t worry, we explain the whole technique.) If not, you’ll still have several bonus words to predict (including a few risqué ones for comedy routines).
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More Reviews: “The Secret Lexicon has been prepared for multiple functions: the mind reader can know something ‘about’ the word the spectator has selected, he can offer a fitting definition for an unknown word, or just come right out and name the thought-of word. The layout, design and  ‘data’ of The Secret Lexicon has been specially selected for the purpose of fulfilling these functions. This special dictionary is chameleon in nature: The dark leather binding makes the Lexicon look at home in a paneled drawing room or one can quickly slip on the special custom dust jacket and give it the more common look of a collegiate desk accessory. Are there hundreds of other book tests and “dictionary tests” to be had? Yes. This is by no means the first, but the professionals who invest the time and effort to make this a part of their performing repertoire may well discover that The Secret Lexicon just might be the last word in book tests.”      — Michael Weber
“It’s unbelievable. Going right into use! Immediately into my repertoire. This is a work of genius. The book is perfect in every way and allows for so many revelations, it’s insane! It’s just gorgeous. So well thought-out. You could do an hour show with this book alone! You could do multiple revelations, different people, and probably not do the same show twice for a month. I highly recommend it.” – Dr. Jeremy Weiss

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