Karr et Cartes by Todd Karr (French) SOLD OUT



French card magic lecture notes by Todd Karr
Published for his May 2023 Paris lecture on Erdnase and Annemann at the Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateurs.
Note: Text in French.

Limited edition of 50 copies
Each copy hand-signed
Six strong routines and techniques

The Miracle Factory’s own Todd Karr lectured in Paris in May 2023 and these are the last remaining copies of the lecture booklet.

The six effects and techniques are all strong, and if your French is decent, you will have some fantastic exclusive material!

An odd Miracle Factory rarity that won’t be reprinted!

12 pp., six effects, 8.5 x 11 stapled with blue covers, signed.

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1. Todd of This World: My acclaimed “Out of This World.” Allan Ackerman loved it!
2. La Coterie Karr: An ultra-refined, deceptive version of Erdnase’s “Exclusive Coterie.”
3. Karr Forçage Trois-Cinq: A utility force that solves the problem of all counting forces.
4. Karr Forçage Visuel: A powerful visual force, perfect for stage and commercial uses.
5. Le Cauchemar d’Annemann: An overlooked Annemann device and Pit Hartling’s great routine.
6. Texas Todd: A bewildering and spectacular Texas Hold’em poker routine.

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